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Welcome to Feist Vocational Counseling and Placement, LLC.

We provide coordinated training and employment services for people with disabilities. Our team consists of Vocational Counselors, Job Developers, Job Coaches, Transition Specialists, and Benefits Specialists. We have delivered effective and evidence-based employment services for four years.

Why work with Feist VCP?

Our employment team strives to create the best job match between the job-seeker and the position. The right job match creates dedicated workers and a cooperative workplace. We promote: employee retention, company loyalty, positive employees and diversification of the work place.

Benefits to working with Feist VCP:

• Motivated and trained workers
• Support from a vocational specialist through the hiring process
• Work incentives: On-The-Job Training and Temporary Work Experience/Internship
• Assistance with job training process
• Disability awareness training
• ADA accommodations in the workplace

Our Talent Pool:

Feist VCP works with a wide range of individuals, looking for part or full time employment, with various skill sets, educational backgrounds, training and employment experience.

Our labor pool consists of:

• Administrative/Clerical Professionals
• Assembly Workers
• Food Service
• Retail Sales Associates
• Cleaning and Sanitization Workers
• Customer Service Professionals
• General Labor and Trades
• Seasonal Workers: Snow Removal and Landscaping
• Health Care Professionals (direct patient care and administrative support)

Please reach out to for more information about our job seekers and to view their resumes!
Welcome to Feist Vocational Counseling and Placement, LLC.

We assist people with disabilities to obtain or to maintain work which matches their strengths and interests. We are energetic, optimistic, and resourceful! We have a solid record of job outcomes and can assist you to reach your goals and become independent with competitive wages.

Our dynamic team is able to provide assistance with:

• Career counseling
• Job preparation and job placement
• High School transition services
• On-site job coaching
• Social security benefits analysis
• Skills to pay the bills

We are excited to work with you!

Please contact owner Kimberly Nonn at (608) 770-9445 or to discuss your needs and job interests.