Feist VCP Computer Training Classes

Classes designed to advance administrative and computer skills taught in a personalized and friendly environment

Attend 1 on 1 sessions taught in the Feist VCP computer lab: 4510 Regent St. Suite 1A, Madison WI


Classes Available:

  • Beginning PowerPoint: creating and saving, building and presenting, inserting images
  • Advanced PowerPoint: creating and formatting tables, applying transitions, adding audio and video, customizing animations and transitions


  • Beginning Word: navigating, modifying text, paragraph layout, applying borders and shading
  • Advanced Word: working with tables and charts, customizing formats, using images, adding headers and footers


  • Beginning Excel: navigating, using excel commands, entering cell data, manipulating columns and rows
  • Advanced Excel: configuring, using specialized functions, creating and modifying tables, using formulas


  • LinkedIn: creating a profile, maintaining professionalism, expanding connections
  • Internet for Beginners: internet, email, search tools
  • Keyboarding: typing for speed, typing for accuracy


For additional information or to enroll, contact: 

Kimberly Nonn



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