Name: Courtney Pryce

Phone Number: (608) 295-4508

Email: [email protected]

Work History

Job Title: High School Transition Specialist

Work Experiences: I graduated in with my Bachelor’s in 2019 and then started working with individuals with disabilities in their homes. After that, I worked as a security officer at the UW hospital. I soon learned I wanted to work more in the human services field and started working at Feist!

Education Background

Name of Institution: University of Wisconsin – Plattville

Degree/Major: BS Criminal Justice


Job development and placement individual classes and career exploration services

Languages or Communication Skills

English and ASL (American Sign Language)

More About Me

My favorite part about working at Feist is being able to assist individuals in achieving their work related goals. Goals are always meant to be reached and I love being able to be apart of it especially helping someone get a dream job! When not at work, I like to walk my dogs, Dexter and Roscoe, paint, and do home improvement projects.