Name: Marina Pedersen

Phone Number: (608) 477-9640


Work History

Job Title: Lead Vocational Training Manager

Work Experiences: For the past nine years I have dedicated my time to working with students, veterans, and adults with physical, mental, cognitive, auditory and visual disabilities. I have assisted with exploring work options, conducting individual and group trainings, and navigating career changes for adults.

Education Background

Name of Institution: University of Wisconsin – Madison

Degree/Major: BS Rehabilitation Psychology


Case management, job exploration and placement, and individual trainings.

Languages or Communication Skills


More About Me

I started working with Feist VCP in 2018 and have loved every single day that I get to come to work! Previously, I worked in inpatient therapy clinics focused on rehabilitation for adults post-surgery and with an art studio alongside students with disabilities to promote inclusion and creativity in group classes.

My favorite part about working at Feist VCP is getting to meet so many people in the community and exploring new jobs alongside my clients.

After work, you can find me reading a book, painting, ice skating, or tending to my indoor plant garden. I am a huge baseball fan and love watching the Brewers and the Angels!