Name: Riss Opie

Phone Number: 608-422-2687


Work History

Job Title: High School Transition Specialist

Work Experiences: I have spent a long time trying a number of different potential career paths, from customer service to cabinet refinishing. I have never felt as fulfilled as I do in my current position with Feist. I believe I have found my path, and it is incredibly uplifting to be able to help other people live their best lives and to learn more about disabilities and how best to support them. My work history also allows me to approach most clients’ jobs with experience that helps me give them better assistance!

Languages or Communication Skills


More About Me

I am a person whose daily goal is to radiate optimism, and I find that making others happy makes me happy! I love spending time with good friends and spending even more time with my cat Olivia. I often spend my free time hiking, learning to play the keyboard, playing video games, and crafting or painting.