We Make the Transition Easy!

After graduation, choose to transition into our 12 month Alumni Program and then sign-up for our Turning Point Social Membership. Turning Point is building a community and we want you to stay connected, even after graduation. This community is a great support system for graduates as they transition into adult life. Turning Point provides not only an educational experience but also builds life-long friendships along the way.


Alumni Program

Post Turning Point graduation, you can be a part of Turning Point’s Alumni Program. This will include monthly social nights, a monthly learning series and biweekly individualized check-ins. Each check-in will cover pre-housing, employment and social counseling. Check with your IRIS Consultant for approval: 7 hours per month for the 12 month program.

Reach out to Kim Nonn for details kimberly@feistvcp.com (608)770-9445

Monthly Social Events (currently at facility) to continue encouraging a sense of community among Turning Point participants and graduates. This will be a fun activity chosen by the participants (ex. game night, carving pumpkins, movie night etc.). This is in an effort to make the transition easy, the participants have become close friends over the 9 month Turning Point program and social nights gives them the opportunity to stay connected and continue building and maintaining those relationships. 

Daily Living Skills will be covered by a monthly learning series to recap and dive deeper into one of the Turning Point topics. These topics will consist of classroom style lessons surrounding the following topics: finances, transportation, relationships, multicultural, solutions, safety, health, nutrition, identity, etiquette & community. The curriculum focuses on independent living & community building skills. Skills learned in the learning series will be directly transferred to employment and gained independence. 

Pre-vocational services will be provided through biweekly one-on-one meetings with participants and an advisor. In these check-ins they will be discussing employment goals, updates at their jobs, internship interests and more. This meeting will be individualized for each participant and will also address pre-housing, employment and social counseling.


Social Membership

After completion of the Turning Point and the Alumni program, have the option to hold a Social Membership! This will include involvement in Monthly Social Events as well as the Monthly Learning Series! Check back for more details soon!