Name: Sarah Meyer

Phone Number: (262) 865-7985


Work History

Job Title: Vocational Case Manager

Work Experiences: For the past three years I have dedicated my time outside of school to working as an in-home caregiver and respite provider for those who have physical, mental, cognitive, auditory and/or visual disabilities. I began working with Feist VCP in January of 2021. I started as a job coach and have since transitioned into the new role of being a Vocational Case Manager for IRIS clients and long term supports as of March 2021.

Education Background

Name of Institution: University of Wisconsin – Parkside

Degree/Major: BA Communication, BA Political Science, Certificate in Digital and Media Literacy


Community Engagement and Community Based Learning (CBL)

Languages or Communication Skills


More About Me

I love to celebrate the small victories! As a case manager and as a job coach, I am able to witness those small victories each and every day and it is incredibly fulfilling to know that the work I am doing is meaningful. In my free time I love to go kayaking, play with my cat, play video games, go camping, and explore the city!