Job Development and Placement

The Vocational Counselors work with the job seeker on a series of structured job-readiness activities. These activities include: job applications, cover letters, resumes, references, interview preparation, positive worker behaviors, employer expectations, and networking. The Vocational Counselors also work with the job seeker to identify and resolve employment and disability barriers. After placement in permanent employment, the Vocational Counselors provide job retention services to ensure employment success.

Transition Services for High School Students

Feist VCP Transition Specialists provide vocational services to high school students looking to complete career exploration activities, obtain their first job, and/or learn more about post high school training, apprenticeship, and post-secondary education. Transition specialists focus on working both with the student, their high school transition coordinators, parents, and guidance counselors.

Benefits Counseling and Planning

A Benefits Specialist is an individual who has completed specialized training in public benefits and work incentives. The counseling process begins by meeting with a benefits specialist to discuss your current benefits, entitlements, services, and subsides. Benefits may include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medical Assistance, Medicare, FoodShare, and Housing Assistance.

The benefits specialist will verify all information with the administering agencies, and determine how working will impact benefits and overall income. You will then meet with your benefits specialist to discuss the information and receive a written report for your records.

Your benefits specialist will be available for follow up questions and assistance as your work or life situation changes. Benefits specialists stay up-to-date on program rules, annual income limits, and any additional regulations that apply to the programs in which you are enrolled.


Working with WI‑Promise provides a unique opportunity for families as a whole to work towards vocational success. Vocational Counselors support all family members on identifying their short and long term goals, and training opportunities including post-secondary education. Vocational Specialist complete the following services with clients:

  • Job Shadows
  • Temporary Work Trainings/Internships
  • Job Development and Placement
  • Transportation Training
  • Job Coaching


An individualized counseling service is available for job seekers to meet with a Master’s level vocational rehabilitation specialist for guidance on re‑entering the work force, disability management, employment gaps, switching career fields, and other employment related concerns.

Guest Speaker

Kimberly Nonn welcomes the opportunity to come talk to your business about partnering with Feist VCP to create a more diverse work place. Kimberly often speaks to businesses about: Temporary Work Trainings/Internships, On‑the‑Job Trainings, ADA Accommodations in the Work Place, and serves a resource for disability awareness.