1. Who is eligible for Turning Point?
    • 18 years old and up
    • Individuals who have graduated from high school
    • Documented disability from a medical professional
    • Ability and desire to participate and learn in a small-group setting
    • Ability and desire to appropriately participate in community tours
    • Skills to safely function without direct supervision during non-structured times
    • No recent history (within the past 12 months) of severe aggression toward self, others or property, including self-injurious behaviors
    • Able to take care of self-care needs
    • Has a desire to maintain or increase hours of employment

  1. What is the process for enrollment?
    • Step 1: Meet with Turning Point advisors to discuss individual goals & schedule visit
    • Step 2: Complete comprehensive application & submit $250 application fee 

  1. What does a typical day look like at Turning Point?
    • Classroom style learning
    • Learning mediums include PowerPoint, hands-on activities, worksheets, guest speakers, community tours, self-reflection, and much more 
    • Local paid employment in the community outsdie of Turning Point classroom hours

  1. What other opportunities are involved with Turning Point?
    • Monthly social events offered one evening a month
    • Parent round-table groups, hosted by Kimberly Nonn
    • Monthly progress meetings with advisors and support teams

  1. How much does Turning Point cost? What are my funding options?
    • Turning Point accepts IRIS funding or private pay

  1. What is included in the cost of Turning Point?
    • Small group and one-on-one instruction from Turning Point advisors 
    • Computer for classroom use
    • Monthly progress meetings
    • Monthly social events
    • Supplies and training materials
    • And so much more!

  1. What other options are available if I am not eligible for Turning Point?
    • Feist VCP offers weekly bootcamps throughout the year
    • Feist VCP offers many social event options (men’s group, women’s group, co-ed events)
    • Feist VCP offers independent living services including cooking classes, counseling & in home visits.
    • Feist VCP offers a workplace adjustment group as well as 1:1 meetings
    • Please reference our website for individualized classes, job development, and benefits counseling