NEW! Turning Point Transition Academy

A new transition program in Madison, WI is now enrolling! Turning Point is a 9-month training academy for individuals with disabilities that incorporates technology, group training and paid community employment. The goal is to increase the employment outcomes for people with disabilities transitioning from high school to adult life. Classroom style curriculum will be emphasized half the day, paired with paid work experience in the community.

Kim Nonn
(608) 770-9445
[email protected]

Music from: Scott Holmes Music- Upbeat Party Mastered

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey. Year Two has been filled with many activities, outings and learning experiences. Here is a look back at the past nine months. Enjoy!

In March, Turning Point learned about identity and etiquette. The group had great discussions on their own identities and how they relate to each other. They went on many community tours and practiced their etiquette skills at a nice lunch at Bishops Bay Country Club.

In April, Turning Point explored and learned about Community. The participants identified differing communities within their own lives. They celebrated Earth Day and had fun giving back!

BLOOPERS! At Turning Point, we like to have fun! Here are a few funny moments from the class of 2021-2022.