Independent Living

Are you looking to live on your own or are you currently living independently? We are here to help you build confidence in your independent living skills through a blend of in-home and community based supports. Our independent living staff can assist in meal preparation, simple house upkeep, scheduling appointments, providing transportation to pre-scheduled appointments and so much more. We will schedule an initial intake meeting to understand the goals of the individual and make a plan of supports.

We strive to promote independent living through a variety of supports, training, modeling and resources. 

Feist VCP will:

  • Complete initial assessment of support needs and support guide for increasing independence within their home/living situation.
  • Provide one-on-one training, supports and modeling to provide independent living around: household chores, meal prep, medical coordination (making dental, doctor, therapy appointments, etc), transportation, home maintenance etc.
  • Development of resources including calendars, task lists, and organizational items etc.
  • Coordinate team meetings with treatment team, IRIS Providers, parents and other community partners to discuss success metrics and barriers
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Supportive Home Care

Feist VCP trained staff are onsite M-F 7am-8pm, Sa/Su 12-4pm and other times pre-scheduled or based on availability. Feist VCP offices are located in the commercial space of The Brennan. . Once approved and moved in, our services are either 1:1 or shared time with other residents. Feist has an abundant amount of social, food prep and fitness offerings to keep residents busy in downtime. Transportation is also offered to and from work/Feist events and other trips can be scheduled in advance with our Feisty Transportation services. If you are interested in living at The Brennan, please reach out to Kim Nonn at [email protected] for more information and to set up an apartment tour with the leasing office

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I enjoy hiking and being in nature. I have a cat named Kitten. Sky diving is on my bucket list.

Work Experiences: I started my career in a shipping room at 18 and worked for the same company for 13 years. Throughout this time I was given the opportunities to learn and grow professionally with-in the company. After two years of Quality Auditing and efficiency training in the company I moved to Wisconsin to further my knowledge and career. In Wisconsin I worked as an Operations Manager for a uniform company and expanded on my management knowledge and experience for 4 years. While working as operations managers I was able to start job coaching part-time for Feist VCP. This is where I found my calling and passion for working with individuals with disabilities. After coaching part-time for almost a year I was able to transition to a full time role at Feist VCP, that would combine my experience and passion for management, team building, and working in the community, to help make a difference.

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