Job Placement and Coaching

Our job counselors start at the beginning… by helping you identify and secure a position that is right for you. We assist with preparing applications, cover letters, resumes, references and practice your interview skills.

Once a job is secured, we are there to help you succeed as needed. We teach positive work behaviors, plus help you understand employer expectations. If a problem arises, we can identify and improve your situation through job counseling and on-site training.

Benefits Counseling

How does work affect your Social Security benefits (SSDI or SSI)? Do you qualify for FoodShare? Can you get housing assistance? It’s a web of complicated services. We can help sort it out.

Our specially trained benefits specialist will meet with you to discuss your current benefits (Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medical Assistance (MA), Medicare), as well as FoodShare, housing assistance and work incentives available to you.

After verifying information with all the administering agencies, we will determine how working will impact each benefit, as well as your overall income. We’ll sit down with you to discuss the information and you will receive a written report for your records. As your work and life situation changes, you can follow up for further assistance with your benefits specialist.

Benefits specialists have completed specialized training in public benefits and work incentives. They stay up-to-date on program rules, annual income limits, and any additional regulations regarding programs in which you are enrolled.

High School Transition

It’s a big step from the all-day structure of high school to being an adult in the world. Exciting and scary. We will work with you, your parents, your school counselors and others involved in your life to help you decide what you want to do next. We can explore possible careers with you, help you obtain your first job, look at possible internships and check out post-secondary education.  

Do you have a job you think you'd like to apply for but aren't sure it's a good fit? That's where a Job Shadow comes in. We will match you with someone who is in that job already so you can shadow them and see first hand if it's the right kind of job for you.

We also train you how to use the bus to get to and from your job on time through our Bus Training Program.

Independent Living

Are you looking to live on your own or are you currently living independently? We are here to help you build confidence in your independent living skills through a blend of in-home and community based supports. Our independent living staff can assist in meal preparation, simple house upkeep, scheduling appointments, providing transportation to pre-scheduled appointments and so much more. We will schedule an initial intake meeting to understand the goals of the individual and make a plan of supports.

We strive to promote independent living through a variety of supports, training, modeling and resources. 

Feist VCP will:

  • Complete initial assessment of support needs and support guide for increasing independence within their home/living situation.
  • Provide one-on-one training, supports and modeling to provide independent living around: household chores, meal prep, medical coordination (making dental, doctor, therapy appointments, etc), transportation, home maintenance etc.
  • Development of resources including calendars, task lists, and organizational items etc.
  • Coordinate team meetings with treatment team, IRIS Providers, parents and other community partners to discuss success metrics and barriers


Social Opportunities

Feist Social Groups offer a place where individuals of all gender identities can socialize and interact with their peers and mentors with an emphasis on personal growth and success. These events are primarily out in the community doing an activity (ex. bowling, arcade, movie night etc). This is a fun way to connect with peers in the community setting. During the events they will discuss other activities the group would be interested in and meet new peers! At this time, Feist VCP has three social groups:

Reach out to the group leaders or Alicia ([email protected]) with questions!



We offer training sessions to help improve your employability skills including:

  • Financial Literacy Training (6-week course)
  • Self advocacy
  • Skills to Pay the Bills (6-week, soft skill group training)
  • Individual, customized computer training
  • Teen/adult social groups, social media use, etc (Contact Feist VCP for monthly training schedule)
  • Cash register and customer service training