Welcome to Turning Point!

Looking for a stepping stone post-high school? Turning Point could be the next step for you! We strive to… Create a training academy for individuals with disabilities that incorporates technology, group training and paid community employment. Our goal is to increase the employment outcomes for people with disabilities transitioning from high school to adult life. This program runs 9-months. Classroom style curriculum is emphasized half the day, paired with paid work experience in the community.

Gain Independence

Gain independence as you transition from high school to adult living.

Make Connections

Develop and practice social interactions and create friendly relationships with your peers and professional connections with local employers.

Community Employment

Obtain paid employment in the community with development and coaching supports.

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Curriculum Focus

Turning Point follows a 9-month learning curriculum that is designed to educate and transition our students from high school to adult living. These lessons focus on skill based learning that is individualized to the class. The curriculum will focus on independent living and community building. Skills learned in the classroom will be directly transferred to employment and gained independence. Below are the curriculum lessons that will be featured in your Turning Point education.