Morgan Smith

Name: Morgan Smith

Email: [email protected]

Work History

Job Title: Job Coach

Work Experiences: I have worked with individuals with different abilities for over 20 years, starting in residential care before finding my true passion in job coaching. I have also done respite work. I Love helping folks get out in the community and shine as well as showing the community how to befriend and enjoy the individuals I get to support.

Education Background

Name of Institution: Madison Area Technical College


I have nearly 20 years’ experience job coaching a wide range of individuals. I am skilled at helping folks with more challenging issues thrive in the workplace and be appreciated for the work they are able to accomplish. I can stay calm and guide folks through times of extreme health issues such as seizures. In this of extreme stress I have been calming force for individuals who have historically struggled to maintain safety. 

Languages or Communication Skills


More About Me

I am a childhood cancer survivor which taught me the importance of compassionate support. People need people who will take the time to truly listen and understand to the best of their abilities. In my free time I enjoy connecting with friends and snuggling with my cat Gary. Fun Fact: My mother taught me how to read palms when I was 12!