Matt Slinn

Name: Matt Slinn

Phone Number: (561)-935-7409


Work History

Job Title: Vocational Coaches Manager

Work Experiences: I started my career in a shipping room at 18 and worked for the same company for 13 years. Throughout this time I was given the opportunities to learn and grow professionally with-in the company. After two years of Quality Auditing and efficiency training in the company I moved to Wisconsin to further my knowledge and career. In Wisconsin I worked as an Operations Manager for a uniform company and expanded on my management knowledge and experience for 4 years. While working as operations managers I was able to start job coaching part-time for Feist VCP. This is where I found my calling and passion for working with individuals with disabilities. After coaching part-time for almost a year I was able to transition to a full time role at Feist VCP, that would combine my experience and passion for management, team building, and working in the community, to help make a difference. 


ISO9001 Quality management systems v2.0
Management systems auditing

Date Certification was Obtained: 2017

Fred Pryor’s Excel Basics and Advanced: 2016


Team building, Strategic thinking, Positivity

Languages or Communication Skills


More About Me

I enjoy hiking and being in nature. I have a cat named Kitten. Sky diving is on my bucket list.